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Welcome to Dempo Kids



1 – 3 years
Hereon, kids should not sense your absence, however short a duration.


4 – 6 years
Born free, our spaces provide an environment to experience just that.


7 – 9 years
Our activities designed to explore your calling.


9 – 12 years
Time to show the world, what a Dempo kid is all about.


"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today" ~Stacia Tauscher
Kids are blessed with a very naive heart, an open mind, an ever inquisitive and experimental behaviour. Perhaps, that is why they are the most original, innovative and ever joyful beings. They all carry the potential to create, lead and design a beautiful civilization… if allowed.

Dempo kids is a facility introduced in Panjim with the perspective of kids. This place is established for children from 1 to 12 yrs old. It is located in a quiet residential area amidst green and clean surroundings, with a broad approach road and sufficient parking space. It spans over an area of 300sq.mts covered and 300sq.mts. uncovered.Therefore offering both an indoor and outdoor facility.

A Childcare for toddlers: is open for children aged 1 to 3yrs old in the mornings from 08:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M., Monday to Saturday (Sunday holiday). Care has been taken to ensure ample free space, fresh air ventilation, ample sunlight, stimulating play spots, soft musical ambience, child friendly, cheerful and well trained staff. Parents shall also gain access to view their children on cell phones after dropping them at Dempo Kids. Kids shall have the opportunity to engage with guest entertainers/charmers regularly who maybe their own parent/grandparents or a magician, a musician, a story teller…

A Kids activity center: is open for children aged 4 to 12yrs old in the afternoons from 3:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M., Monday to Saturday (Sunday holiday). These children will be further grouped into 3 categories: 4-6yrs; 7-9yrs; 10-12yrs. In a day, the child will be exposed to 3 different activities focused to develop the Physical fitness, Mental attributes, Psycho social and soft skills. After every activity, 15 minutes refresh break-time shall be given. Care has been taken to balance the child’s indoor and outdoor exposure. Every child has the liberty to enroll for 6 days/week or 3 alternate days/week.

We offer kids all possible opportunities to further explore and grow in their creativity. We work towards enhancing each child’s innate personality. Stimulating activities are planned that enrich the children in various aspects. We invite you to visit Dempo Kids to appreciate the charm it offers.



Every parent wants the best for their child, especially when the child is still in the toddler stages. A parent tends to do all that is in one’s capacity to ensure that their little one is comfortable and safe.

In today’s world, every individual needs a sense of space and so does your baby! The baby needs to touch, feel, see, and experience as many different things as possible to appreciate the world he/she is born in, however, under a secure environment and creative supervision. Thus, we bring to you a childcare which functions from 08:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.

The activities allow your child to achive developmental milestones appropriately. Moreover your child finds friends to mingle with and grow together. Dempo Kids is happy to offer the ambience of a second home in your child’s upbringing.



Drama is the essence of life for some, for others it is the pleasure they witness seeing the piece of art being performed. Drama is an excellent therapeutic technique which is often used in psychology so that catharsis as a process can be brought about. Drama helps in building up the concept of working together and developing new ideas and thoughts. Children are taught innovative ways of expressing themselves as well as communicating with each other. The different themes used help to develop insight and widen the exposure of a child.

Theatre teaches
Communication skills verbal and non verbal(body language)
Team work and team bonding
Structures expressing through story and character
Confidence enhancing in self and public
Empathy and compassion for others
Innovation, creativity and imagination
Developing selflessness with distinct relationship with others
Normalizing temperaments
Balancing personality types

Dance relaxes the mind and rejuvenates the body. It teaches rhythm and allows one to express themselves creatively. Free-form dance is very simply, people dancing with no planned steps or moves, no choreography, no memorization, no goals, no expected form or sequence.

Through dance one
Learns the concept of rhythm
Learns graceful movement and body postures
Learns agility and flexibility
Expresses emotions
Maintains an active body and mind
Exudes self confidence

Child star, picnics, get together’s, antaakshari; there’s no way to wriggle yourself out of singing a song. Allow your child to lose their inhibitions and go on to exhibition their new found voice.

Singing teaches
Keen hearing
Voice modulation
Development of lung capacity, general health, physical posture
Self confidence, precision and timing
Rhythm, beats, notes, tones, melody, pitch, volumes

instrumental music
Music is the rhythm of the soul. Different genres of music appeal to different personalities of people. Music at an early age provides children with an outlet to express their creative nature and gives them a hobby for life.

Instrumental Music develops
A keen hearing
Awareness of rhythm, beats, notes, tones, melodies, pitch, volumes
Patience, precision, time management
Fine motor skills

The thought of food; salivating, Cooking it, satisfying. At the center, kids are introduced to flame-less cooking which incorporates the use of ovens and microwaves. It provides for healthy and child safe cooking. Children will be taught salads, baking and grilling in the preparation of wholesome and nutritious meals.

Satisfies hunger
Enhances our sense of smell and taste
Teaches measurements
Teaches textures

Gardening allows children to understand what nature has provided for us and how we can continue to harness it. It teaches production of nutrition for varied life forms as well as symbiosis. An understanding of gardening can provide one with the freshest of produce, free of chemicals and pesticides, just they way nature intended it to be. In today’s cramped cities, a garden however small is a neighbours envy.

Gardening teaches us
Love and respect for nature
Importance of natural living
A sense of fulfillment


Magic is unforeseen logic. At Dempo kids, we use magic as a tool to stimulate inquisitiveness, curiosity, reasoning to help children understand a lot more than meets the eye.

Logic Magic
Develops curiosity
Develops reasoning
Stimulates out of box thinking

Creatures of nature are no strangers to survival of the fittest. Today’s workforce revolves around a sedentary lifestyle, with daily exercise and fitness taking a back seat. Exercises are instrumental in the development of kids, maintaining a good and supple physique and aids in resistance buildup.

Fitness teaches us
The importance of a healthy living
Physique development and maintenance

art and craft
What other medium than art and craft can be possible to boost a child’s creativity and in turn passion. In the world which we live in, it is essential to think uniquely and be proud of it. When a child is allowed to use art and craft as the medium through which there is expression and appreciation, the child automatically feels belonged. Not only does the child learn different forms of art, the child learns to understand oneself and take pride in the same.

Art & Craft stimulates
Innovation and imagination development
Better alternative of engagement of kids rather than TV, Mobiles etc.
Development of fine motor skills
Names of article
Wealth out of waste/ Trash need not be trashed
Learn the use of tools, eg. Scissors, glue, knife, stapler
Recognizing shaped, sizes, colours, textures, shades, hues
Keen observation
Making souvenirs





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